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The patented Thermo-chemical Conversion Module (TCM) provides a sustainable solution to waste reduction and energy generation. 

Reduced waste disposal costs, electricity & heat generation, saleable carbon products. High return on investment. 

Technology partners, financial investors, energy performance contracts, UK manufacturing & maintenance 

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The TCM converts a wide range of materials into energy producing synthetic gas (syngas) or oil and valuable  
carbon products. It uses pyrolysis technology – heating to high temperature in the absence of oxygen. The TCM  
reduces waste quantities by up to 90%, resulting in large savings in waste disposal costs. The syngas is a clean  
energy product that can be used in a gas engine or turbine to produce electricity. The carbon products can be  
burned as charcoal, used as a soil amendment material or further processed using heat from the TCM to produce  
activated carbon, a valuable filtration medium. The TCM is available in modules capable of processing between 
1 tonne per hour and 6 tonnes per hour of waste. 
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